Rise Against Hunger 2018

Benfer-and-Latoya-e1543591994552-525x700It's that time of year again– Our 4th annual Rise Against Hunger event! Another wonderful and successful year. All of us gathered on November 21st with family and friends of all ages to conquer our goal of 10,000 meals. WE DID IT!! Thankful for all the volunteers who came out to make this occasion possible! We really enjoy this time of year and the opportunity to give back.  We can’t wait to continue the tradition and maybe set a new goal in 2019! Together we can make a difference.

This little guy was such a wonderful help as our runner! He kept our pace consistent and made this goal possible. We enjoyed having him and I think he may have enjoyed it a little as well!

For more information on the Rise Against Hunger campaign check out the link below:

Rise Against Hunger Video